A wedding is one of the most magical times of your life. Not because of the cake, the flowers, and the dress; although those rock too! It's because you're sealing the deal with the person who makes you laugh the hardest and smile the biggest! Capturing those true moments of joy between two people in love is why I love getting behind a camera. 

If you're down to dance around in your dress, whisper silly things in your grooms ear to make him laugh, and capture moments that you will cherish forever, I think we'd be a perfect match. 

Whatever size, location, or type of wedding you choose for your day, I’m there to capture it all! No two weddings are the same. These are base wedding packages. If something doesn’t work for you, you need more, or you really just need it written into your package that you need me to bring you a coffee the day of your wedding, I’m here for you! Contact me about any of our listed add ons or additional items you need so we can make your package perfect for you. 

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